Zig Zag Stool

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In the POLSPOTTEN family of things, Zig Zag is the one bouncing with youthful energy. There is nobody in our family who puts on so many different faces, delighting everyone in his orbit. One moment he’s a stool, the next he’s a side table or a pedestal. His glossy, lacquered coat comes in a spectrum of gorgeous colors, allowing Zig Zag to slot into every style and space. Here’s a fun, sturdy friend that’s easy on the eye and never lets you down. Once Zig Zag hops into your place, you know the game is on.

Dobavljivost: 2 - 3 weeks

Height: 460 mm
Height: Ø 350 mm



Od leta 1986, POLSPOTTEN v srce postavlja spoštovanje do ljudi in okolja, ko oblikuje, razvija in prodaja izdelke za notranjo opremo.