Toss Wide Cabinet

2.500,00 €
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For some people, a classic uniform cabinet is enough. But for those with a curious, playful mind, who prefer to shake things up, there’s the Toss cabinet. After all: why be stuck to one way when you can have it multiple ways? Made with modular horizontal elements, it can shapeshift into whichever form you want. Rearrange. Replace. Repair. With the Toss kast, it’s easy. The Toss cabinet also takes sustainability to a whole new level. It’s consciously designed with adaptability in mind.

Dobavljivost: 3 - 4 weeks

Shelf spacing approx. 37 cm.
Item must be assembled.

Height: 1820 mm
Length: 1120 mm
Width: 380 mm



Od leta 1986, POLSPOTTEN v srce postavlja spoštovanje do ljudi in okolja, ko oblikuje, razvija in prodaja izdelke za notranjo opremo.