Sablo Bowl

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The Sablo range is made from coloured clay and a unique blend of quartz, minerals and oxides. The temperature and firing time of the product determines the final colour, shape and appearance of the glaze and the overall product. Each piece is certainly unique and may have individual textures and shades. Sablo clay is fired at a very high temperature and is therefore not glazed over the entire surface.

Deliverability: 2 - 3 weeks

Dishwasher and microwave - safe.

Size XS
Height: 60 mm
Scope: Ø 110 mm

Size S:
Height: 70 mm
Scope: Ø 130 mm

Size M
Height: 70 mm
Scope: Ø 155 mm

Size L
Height: 95 mm
Scope: Ø 200 mm