Puff Lounge Chair

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They say the best things come in threes. But when those three things are also cozy, it gets even better. Introducing the Puff Chair, the Puff Pouf, and the Puff Loveseat. Three bold designs, three unique shapes you’re bound to love. It’s perfect for lounging around, socializing with friends, and curling up with a good book. Oh, and before we forget: Did we mention it’s sustainable? Sourced right here in the Netherlands, the Puff Lounge Chair isn’t just the ultimate chill, it’s also pure, homegrown goodness. With reduced transport emissions and local materials, this chair combines irresistible design with unmatched sustainability. Embrace the best of both worlds in your home.

Deliverability: 5 - 6 weeks

100% recyclable.
Water repellency.

Height: 700 mm
Width: 950 mm
Depth: 1030 mm

Beech wood, spring, feather and fibre mix.
Polyester, polyacrylic.