Milan Chic Book

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In the north of Italy, there is a unique panorama that combines the aesthetics of history and tradition with the innovations of modernity. Milan reveals itself with Stefano Boeri's Vertical Forest and Rem Koolhaas' Fondazione Prada, along with the mighty Milan Cathedral and the magnificent iron-and-glass dome of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. But the real essence of the metropolis lies behind the facades of these stunning buildings. Whether it's the interior design creations on display at the many design fairs or Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece The Last Supper in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, a local guide is needed to discover all Milan's secrets and treasures. 

Deliverability: 1 - 3 days

Page count: 296 pages.

Number of illustrations: over 200.
Released on: July 2022.

Cover materials: silk hardcover.

Height: 330 mm
Width: 250 mm
Depth: 40 mm

Silk hardcover.