Margin Pendant

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The Margin lighting family is designer John Asbury’s modern interpretation of a classic luminaire. Exploring a tiered typology for lighting, Margin’s intersecting shades gently diffuse the light and instantly set the tone with warmth and tactility. The softness of the fabric is tempered by a clean and graphic silhouette that lends a certain presence and volume to a space. It is the sense of proportions, along with details such as the linear element through the lamp, which sharpen the aesthetics and allow Margin’s special character to unfold.

Deliverability: 2 - 3 weeks

LED Max 11W
Black cable length 350 cm.
Bulb not included (three sockets, use 2-3 bulbs).

Size S
Height: 340 mm (490 mm hose included)
Scope: Ø 480 mm

Size M
Height: 445 mm (635 mm hose included)
Scope: Ø 680 mm

Size L
Height: 570 mm (790 mm hose included)
Scope: Ø 880 mm

Height: 40 mm
Scope: Ø 140 mm