Little Book of Gucci

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Gucci, one of Italy's oldest fashion brands, was founded in Florence in 1921. Guccio Gucci founded the company to create fashion for the upper classes and luxury luggage for Italy's rich. With the distinctive Gucci print of dark brown diamonds on a brown background, the intertwined G logo and the red and green stripes, the brand has become the most eminent thing in Italian luxury. Gucci's signature products - the belt, the bag and the loafers - transcend passing fashion trends and have remained a central part of the house's identity throughout the twenty-first century. Under the leadership of Tom Ford, Gucci embodied the aesthetic of the mischievous and mischievous 1990s. Today, under Alessandro Michele, the brand's combination of romance and austerity is still highly sought-after. This book tells the story of this historic but thriving house and the visionary looks that have cemented its place in fashion history.

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The book has 160 pages and is in English.

Height: 185 mm
Depth: 17 mm
Width: 130 mm