Kuon Two Seater

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The new Kuon furniture collection by Japanese designer Kazushige Miyake is disarmingly simple yet superbly refined at the same time. The small furniture series offers the right seat for every application. With or without backrest, small or large – this collection is all you need for decorating a small living room or creating a harmonious setting in the hall, guest house or lounge. The furniture pieces are deliberately round and soft with smooth edges, and the intention of the designer was to convey a sense of security and comfort through the use of high, supportive backrests that you can almost hide behind when seated. Typically for the aesthetic of Kazushige Miyake, nothing has been left to chance, and the elegant, fully upholstered back of the sofa and chair ensures that both items look stunning wherever they are placed.

Deliverability: 3 - 4 weeks

Collection by Japanese designer Kazushige Miyake.

Height: 710 mm
Lenght: 690 mm
Width: 1375 mm