Cereal City Guide: New York Book

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Rich Stapleton and Rosa Park, founders of Cereal magazine, travel a lot because of the nature of their work, which inspired them to create a series of city guides highlighting their favourite places to visit. Now that they have built up a loyal readership that relies on their unique and thoughtful advice, they are re-releasing the books with a fresh design and new content. Instead of a comprehensive directory of everything there is to see and do, the Cereal City Guides offer a selection of attractions and places that reflect Cereal's values of quality and aesthetic sensibility. Rich and Rosa have visited hundreds of places in New York and have chosen their favourite New York spots. From inspiring boutiques that reflect the quintessential eclecticism of New Yorkers to local restaurants, these are finds that offer a more personal take on the city. Each guide is the result of careful research and illustrated with original photographs.

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Page count: 208 pages.

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