Calabrone Candle

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The Calabrone candle has a scent that was discovered in 1852 by Smith in Osaka, Japan. It is an aromatic scent with a high intensity of herbs and flowers and hints of anise, patchouli, Virginia cedar and amber. The candle has insect-painted glass and a wooden wick which makes a sound similar to the crackling of burning wood as it burns. It is stored in an elegant box with the year, coordinates and the name of the explorer who discovered it.

Deliverability: 1 - 3 days

An elegant blend of "herbs and flowers with hints of anise, patchouli, Virginia cedar and amber".

Size 75 g
Height: 73 mm
Scope: Ø 60 mm

Size 200 g
Height: 95 mm
Scope: Ø 82 mm

A blend of vegetable waxes.
Cotton wick.