Blæhr Vase

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Blæhr Vase, designed by Danish creative Linnea Ek Blæhr, embarks on a quest to unravel the ceaseless poetry within mouth-blown glass. It stands as a homage to the innate charm that resides in the essence of the material and a relentless curiosity for the creative process—stying a material that, by nature, conveys depth, character, and a play for the senses, allowing it to take on a tactile shape that celebrates the inherent beauty of the natural material. Kindly be aware that when crafting with natural materials, the final product may exhibit characteristics such as air bubbles, condensation resulting in a minor oil film, and slight colour discrepancies.


Deliverability: 2 - 3 weeks

Height: 205 mm
Width: 140 mm
Depth: 140 mm

Hand-blown glass.