Hippo Lounge Chair

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The distinctive wooden profile of Hippo Lounge acts as an almost architectural element that starkly contrasts with the rounded, soft back and seat. The stitching in the middle of the seat is deliberately placed here to create the desired round shape for Hippo Lounge.

The lounge chair permits a reversed seating position and because there is not only one way to sit, it demands more from the construction. The reinforcement of the back, mounted inside the seat, ensures that Hippo Lounge is just as durable as beautiful. 

Deliverability: 10 - 11 weeks

Many textiles available, please contact us for more information.

Different upholstery may look different and some fabrics may wrinkle slightly around the curved seat.

Height: 710 mm
Depth: 810 mm
Width: 700 mm
Seat height: 410 mm

Seat: plywood and cut foam.
Backrest: solid oak and cut foam.