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Dunbar 1,5 - Seat, No Arms

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If you're looking for a sleek and spacious design sofa, Dunbar is your perfect match. Its deep seats offer enough room to sit in whatever position you like: curled up, stretched out or even spooning with your partner (or cat) without anyone falling off. Its comfort-level? Supporting yet soft and slightly poofy.

Deliverability: 12 - 13 weeks

Available in a wide range of textiles, please contact us for more information.

Length: 1100 mm
Width: 1030 mm
Height: 690 mm
Seat depth: 620 mm
Seat height: 400 mm
Armrest width: 310 mm
Armrest height: 690 mm

Wooden construction.
Seat HR3032 foam and back HR1818 foam.
Feather blend with silicone fibres.