Undressed Tea Set

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One of a kind designs the Undressed Teacups by Esther Hörchner (Het Paradijs) for Pols Potten. Her delicate artwork is hand-drawn with a soft pencil and fine liner. She did like to express her love for quirky details and hidden pleasantry in drawing the bathing ladies inside of teacups and teapots. We bet your teatime has never been so naked.

Dobavljivost: 1 - 3 days

Set includes 4 cups, plates and spoons.
Capacity: 220 ml.

Height: 60 mm
Scope: Ø 100 mm

Glazed porcelain.


Od leta 1986, POLSPOTTEN v srce postavlja spoštovanje do ljudi in okolja, ko oblikuje, razvija in prodaja izdelke za notranjo opremo.