Cosy Dining Chair

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The Cosy Chair is the perfect complement to any dining environment. An upholstered seat and back with a sophisticated design, the silhouette offers maximum ergonomic comfort and style. This classic and functional dining chair is built with quality materials to ensure durability and lasting performance. Combine the Cosy Chair with more Cosy Chairs - mix ‘n match colours and fabrics for a playful aesthetic. Why limit the Cosy Chair to a dining room, it makes for a comfortable desk chair too.

Dobavljivost: 4 - 5 weeks

Height: 830 mm
Depth: 570 mm
Width: 630 mm

Frame: wood.


Od leta 1986, POLSPOTTEN v srce postavlja spoštovanje do ljudi in okolja, ko oblikuje, razvija in prodaja izdelke za notranjo opremo.